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Johnny Di Santis

Johnny is a successful business person and multi-sport athlete with a great passion for teaching and coaching. Since 1998, through his company, True Rival Fitness, LLC, Johnny has been a leader in helping others reach their own fitness, athletic and bowling fitness goals as a trainer, speaker, educator, coach and human movement specialist. He began working with bowlers in 2000 through "Train Like an Athlete For Bowling", a training program designed specifically for the sport of bowling.  

A two-time PBA champion, Johnny actively competes on the PBA50 tour. He holds certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Youth and Conditioning Association, the Titlist Performance Institute, and is an advanced level coach with USA Ice Hockey. He is a member of the Delaware County Sports Hall of Fame and Lower Delaware County Bowling Hall of Fame. Johnny is also founder and president of Bubba Bar nutritional bar company. 

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