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BSPI™clB training program

6-Week Level 1 Training Program | $125

Take your game to a new level with the 
Bowling Sports Performance Institute


BSPI™ is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the ten-pin bowling delivery which we call “the Swing/Body Connection™"  It is with this relationship that shows how a properly functioning body allows a player to deliver a bowling ball in the most efficient way possible. The program also addresses physical limitations can adversely affect the bowling delivery that can possibly lead to injuries. 

The Bowling Sports Performance program is a progressive and systematic method that leads to successfully Training and Building the complete bowling athlete through strength and conditioning principals.

The 6-week training program will consist of three training days via a mobile app that incorporates stretching, dynamic warm ups, functional movement exercises, strength, power development, and conditioning. 

Equipment needed: foam roller, mini-band loops, long resistance bands, towels on a smooth surface or furniture sliders for carpet floors.


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